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July 4, 2012
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Innocence by pukuo Innocence by pukuo
You know those days when you draw something and it comes out so amazing and exactly like how you wanted/pictured it and you go "holy crap...I drew this!?".
...well, that's what happen with this picture.

I was actually just doodling in SAI and...well I came up with this.
I'm really happy with how it turned out ^^
I love Sophie ~ She's so cute and awesome. Definitely my favorite Tales heroine :heart:

Edit: Default image is blurry for some reason. It's alot clearer if you full view it :/

Petal brushes created by :iconluenia:
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ViimaMiu Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist
She's beautiful :) looks great ! :)
where did you fine that!
The future arc costume! I was disappointed when the game switched her back to her normal outfit after showing us that one. As for the drawing, the coloring and shading look nice and the petals in the background give it a bit of flair. I can see why you're proud of how it turned out.
Thank you! :D
Yeah, I like the Future arc's outfit alot better too ^^
Oh my gosh she is just adorable! I remember seeing your other fan art of her and thinking I probably should play more Tales games. xD

The coloring is just lovely everything just stands out to me. I also really like the subtle blush on her face, haha. xD It's too cute. I like how you did the shading on her clothes for some reason. :D And oh my gosh, you used the brushes! I hope you liked theeeem. ♥ They add a super nice lovely touch to the picture.
Thank you! Oh i'm like really surprised with how the shading on her clothes came out too xD
I think i'm getting the hang of how light and shadow work so maybe that had something to do with it? lol

It's really fun, the story can be kinda cliche, but still fun :D
The battle system is the best so far in the tales series :D
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